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May 31, 2017
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Orlando, FL
I am really scratching my head on this one as went through the menu and camera properties unable to find anything. It is really two questions, but both time/date related as displayed on the camera monitor screen and impact all 4 Dahua cameras.

First Question. Each camera displays a date/time in the upper right corner that doesn't make sense, and the time is not the same hour or minute as system time. Three of the four cameras are displaying 2000-11-12 17:57:__ and the fourth displaying 2002-02-10 (time lopped off frame in current view), Actual system time is 6/21/2020 3:36PM displayed in the lower right corner. How can I get rid of them as they are meaningless...or at least sync to current date/time?

Second Question: While actual system time is noted above displayed in the lower right corner, it only displays on two of the four cameras. Also on that lower line for the two that display, on the lower left corner is "IPC" I assume IPC stands for Internet Protocol Camera but all cameras are IP cameras. Guessing, is there a box in the camera setup that I didn't check that keeps it from displaying the IPC/system dated/time line?


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Sep 11, 2018
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The IPC is the camera name as defined in the cameras web configuration (accessed through each individual camera's IP address). You can uncheck the box for this or preferably change it to something meaningful (driveway, front door, etc.).

As for times. You have two options. You can go into the camera web configuration and disable time display. Then in BI set the overlay with the time. But this removes the ability to do direct to disk recording and therefore is a higher CPU use on the BI machine.

The preferred alternative is to set up windows as a NTP server. Then configure the cameras to use the BI machine IP address as it's NTP server. If you Google windows NTP (network time protocol) you will find guides on how to enable the built in time server within widows. Then you have to open incoming UDP port 123 on the BI machine so the cameras can use it.

Then in each camera go to (if memory serves me correctly) the system settings section and enable NTP and put your BI machine IP address in there. It defaults to 10 minutes I believe.

So essentially every 10 minutes, each camera will ask your BI machine what time it is, and sync as needed.

Ideally you want each camera to be responsible for it's own overlays for time and description/title so that BI doesn't have to use CPU power to do it itself.

If I were at home I could give you some screenshots that would explain it a little better. Just search the forum for NTP and you will find several threads on setting it up.

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Jul 15, 2014
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@Tizeye ,

@th182 has you pointed in the right direction with some good info but I'll be a bit more direct: In the 3 years since you joined IPCT you must have read where over and over and over folks are told to spend some time reading the Wiki. It's there for a good reason and it pretty much contains the answers to your specific problems.

If you are going to use Blue Iris, you owe it to yourself and to the program to read and follow an article in that Wiki entitled "Optimizing Blue Iris's CPU Usage". If you had done so you would have had all the info you needed to resolve your issue. Among other things, that article discusses:
  • Direct-to-disc recording
  • Camera frame rates - 15 FPS
  • Text and Graphic Overlays
It also references logging into the camera's webGUI as @th182 mentioned to make various configurations to optimize its use with Blue Iris. The cams MUST be configured to work best with BI just as BI must be configured to work best with the cams. I urge you to log into the cam's webGUI, poke around and look, familiarize yourself with what's there so you'll know. You can always back out without changing anything but the best way to learn, IMO, is to look for yourself....get in there and get your hands dirty! :cool: