DBL9 Doorbell Cam Issues


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Nov 28, 2017
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so this camera has a few issues that i cant seem to figure out... have tried few times on here but no real solution, i figured id post it up in the doorbell section in case anyone else has had issues and resolved them

around 8pm 9pm, when it starts to get dark, the "motion light" that is suppose to turn on when the camera senses motion (little courtesy light) goes on and off, alerting my camera system in BI
has been happening every night for a while now, happens like 4 5 6 times ina row and then stops

2. the courtesy/ motion light random turns on when its not suppose to, and does not turn on when its suppose to (i.e. some nights i come home, fumbling with my key because i cant see which one is the house key, expecting the light to come on, and nothing). Versus sometimes an random points in day or night it will turn on / off, i have tried
it would be nice if there was a firmware update or something that allowed this light to be turned on at night 24-7, would give the camera enough light to kick it out of night vision mode

3. the night vision when activated looks like crap, almost looks like you can see the lens or something? or this normal?