Deepstack & Telegram notification


Jun 1, 2020
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I have BlueIris v5.5.2.5 (leonowski/docker-blueiris:run_as_service ) and Deepstack both running in docker containers.

Alert text messages is easily send from BlueIris to Telegram by simply specifying the "Configure Web Request or MQTT" action with "APIKey"/sendMessage?chat_id="ChatID"&text=&CAM

However, it's just not the same without an alert image and I believe the alert image cannot simply be send in the same fashion as cURL is required to parse the (image) stream ... (Hope I got that correct)

As such, I created a single line script file "Telegram.cmd":

- curl "APIKey"/sendphoto -F chat_id="ChatID" -F caption=$1 -F photo=@$2

Substituting the arguments within the BlueIris container's CLI has the image delivered as required to Telegram. i.e.

- curl "APIKey"/sendphoto -F chat_id="ChatID" -F caption=Test -F photo=@Telegram_Alerts/Entrance.20211125_130000000.jpg

* I believe the script file is also a necessity since cURL is already included with the container and implementing a Windows version of cURL would not only require running it via WINE, but would also make navigating to the image folder another issue. *

I thus created the alert action as follows:

Action: Run program/script
File: C:\BlueIris\Telegram_Upload.cmd
Parameters: &CAM &ALERT_JPEG

However, it seems the macros ain't passing through as arguments and thus its not working. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thx