Deer visits flowers, then garden


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Apr 27, 2020
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Ridgefield, CT

Had a deer visit last month, visible across 4 cams. I'm working on a object detector to give me alerts when animals come for an uninvited visit, and I marked up the frames with what it sees along with the probability. The clip is quite long, so I only include 1 frame per second.

The better the image the better the object detector is going to recognize the object. On the first camera, the deer is too dark and small at first. Maybe I need an external illuminator or different lens. These cameras are all 2.8mm 8MP Lorex E891AB. In the second shot, I get some of my chimney, which isn't helping the exposure. I've tried to compensate with the settings, but probably better if a move the camera just a bit away. The third camera has good IR illumination in the foreground, but the background gets dark quickly. I'm happiest with the last camera on the garden, though the corners are not well illuminated. It's this cam which my object detector finally went over 90% and set off the alarm and the deer departs once the lights come on.

I ordered a few cameras from Andy, and hoping to add or replace a few of the cameras with IPC-T5442TM-AS 6mm. Happy for suggestions on how I can improve my shots with better cameras or configuration.


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Dec 11, 2017
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Contrast and sharpness is not good, especially in background. My chinese 1/1.8" HFW4833F-ZAS have a similar image. Only first 4-5 meters are really sharp. Additional IR illuminators help. It's much better with 5442/5842, better lenses I guess. "West Lawn" has bad bleeding.
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