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Hey guys

20190118 new version has been released.
Here are the NTSC/PAL multi-languages firmware for these models. I make a testing on some models seems all good now.



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Hi Andy,

Quick question for you. Just opened up first camera to start setting up. Opened a HFW8232E. Just wanted to check if these where all NTSC? When I go into settings -> System -> General - The Video Standard says PAL and doesnt let me change that. Not sure if that means this is a PAL format camera?

Hi Joe,

I believe it depends on the firmware that is loaded in the cam. Mine is PAL only as well, but I'm in the UK, so that is correct for me.

However, PAL and NTSC settings mainly apply to the analogue video out at the coax socket. So, unless you want to use the analogue video instead of the digital IP network connection, you won't miss much. I think if you need to get 30 frames per second over IP, then you would have to change the firmware for an NTSC version, if there is one. Andy will know.

Hope that helps in the mean time, as Andy is probably asleep at the moment in his part of the world.

I am using blue iris so using the digital IP connection. I did still let me choose 30 fps in config and I connected to blue iris where it does show 30 fps in the status tab as well. So maybe not an issue leaving it PAL?

I did try the NTSC firmware file above as it was little newer but it gave me a bad format error when I clicked the upgrade button after selecting the file.

I am also using Blue Iris, and yes, now I look at it, you are right, the cam can go up as high as 50fps in PAL. Maybe you need NTSC version to get 60fps. But does anyone go there?

Actually, 25fps is considered fast for surveillance work, but I use 25fps to record animals visiting my yard in the night, and 25fps captures the movement well. Also 25fps creates great videos for showing on normal TV sets without everyone crowding round the computer.



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Andy, do you have a webplugin that will work with this firmware? I can't view the camera with any browser now. (Pale Moon, IE, Chrome, Firefox).