Domestic CCTV system/installer for 1k?

Discussion in 'Alarm & Security Systems' started by chrisgtl, Nov 3, 2016.

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  1. chrisgtl

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    Nov 3, 2016
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    Hi all.

    I've been researching CCTV systems for what seems like months now and I am still no closer to having a system installed.

    I've so far had about 4 quotes and 1 site survey.

    All conflicting information so far which has made me ask you guys for advice. I get the impression some of the quotes I have had are simply to make as much money as they can from me - I know these guys are in business to make money and I don't approach them pretending I am some sort of charity case.

    My house is a new build house (well, 3 years old now) in sunny Rochdale, Greater Manchester. End terrace, 3 bedroom.

    I was initially thinking of a 3 camera system - 1 camera at front looking over front door and our 2 parking bays. 1 camera looking over the back door/garden and 1 camera at the side of house where there is a access route to the back garden.

    I'm not so sure about the 3rd camera at side of house - i'm thinking that camera is pretty pointless now as the front and rear are our target areas.

    Our loft has no power or light but all the cables are up there feeding the bedroom lights etc.

    For 1k spent installed what/who would you approach as a CCTV installer/system?

    I want clear 1080p images with remote access to our android phones. Motion detection with alert services. 3 weeks recording time before overwriting. We have a solid fibre broadband with results of 65down/20up (Netgear D7000 router).

    Can anyone help me here? Thanks for reading.

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  2. bp2008

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    Mar 10, 2014
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    I do not think that 1K is a realistic price goal to have this installed for you.

    If I was to put this together, I would do roughly this:

    3x Dahua 4MP turret cameras @ $70 each = $210
    1x 4-8 camera NVR = about $200. I'd find an inexpensive used i3 or i5 computer on ebay and put Blue Iris on it, only because I am more familiar with this type of setup than with typical NVR boxes.
    Network cables = perhaps $30-50
    1x 4-port PoE switch (not necessary if NVR includes PoE ports): $50
    6 TB Western Digital Purple hard drive: $250

    And the total would be... about $740 in the best case scenario, just for equipment. Plus more depending on if you use conduit and/or junction boxes for outdoor cable runs. Most professional integrators are going to spend a lot more money than this on the equipment, without it actually being justifiably better (possibly, actually worse, because what I recommend above is actually quite good compared to the garbage you can find installed). And now you know why so many of us go to all this trouble to do it ourselves.

    I'm not really certain how the prices would convert for your area; VAT would likely make the equipment cost even higher than what I stated which is in USD.