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DS-2CD2142FWD Foggy At Night After Restore Default Settings?

Hi all,

For a year or so I've had a DS-2CD2142FWD setup without issue. During the day and with IR at night it was great. However a few days ago I did a 'restore default settings' - since then night performance has been terrible - looks foggy.

I'm not sure where to start with what could cause this to go from being clear at night to being close to unusable by restoring default settings.

If anyone has any tips on what to check that'd be great!
Nope IR was definitely enabled and working. It's really weird - has gone from being perfect to useless!

Unfortunately I don't seem to have a capture from before I reset settings to show what it looked like :/

Jeremy Spiering

Young grasshopper
How about SmartIR? It looks like maybe there is an object very close to the left edge of the camera? Not exactly how SmartIR works, but from my understanding it detects when objects get close to the camera and it adjusts the IR so the object isn't blown out by the IR. Maybe it could even effect objects just out of view?

If that isn't the issue, I have my doubts what you are seeing is related to the restoring of default settings. You didn't clean the camera dome, or remove it recently?
Nah honestly if it was someone else I'd doubt their story too - but I did the restore settings in the afternoon / evening and that night is when this issue started. Haven't physically touched it in months. It's mounted under the eaves of the house - there's a fence maybe a meter and a half to the left of it but that's about it.

Smart IR is on I think - it was one setting I'd tested that evening when it started to see if it'd fix the issue. I'll try again tonight with that off.