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Apr 27, 2020
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Ridgefield, CT
Thought a few people might be interested in my setup. I have 4k Lorex IP camera over my garage to watch my driveway. It's a little high, but I use it to watch for packages, critters, etc.. I have a Jetson Nano using a custom YoloV2 model to detect when a vehicle is in frame. When it sees a vehicle it uploads the vehicle portion of the image to SightHound, using their API. This is much more reliable than uploading the whole image, and because I pre-detect, I'm only sending a small number of images to the cloud. SightHound returns a json object with what it knows about the vehicle. I take the reliable parts of what it returns. I lookup the license plate against a know list. Lastly I send the image and data to my phone using Pushover and have Alexa announce the same message. I have some ST/WebCore routines disable vehicle reporting if I'm returning home or just opened the garage door, so I don't get notified of myself. The jetson will keep watching the video and report again if the IOU of the previous report is less than 50%. SightHound does recognize USPS delivery trucks, but I don't think it's trained on any others. If I cared a lot about LPR, I'd need a second camera mounted lower, but it does work enough to usually see the license plate correctly once when someone arrives.