Feedback on dual camera install on an inside corner

Discussion in 'Camera Installation Questions' started by tran383, Jun 1, 2019.

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  1. tran383

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    Jan 5, 2017
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    Los Angeles, CA
    Hi, I wanted to get some feedback on if this is an an ideal location for this camera. Camera is an IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam.

    I didn't want to put two cameras pointing inwards, but this angle covers the laundry door and sliding patio door. Also, thoughts on the landscape vs. corridor view of the sliding glass door. Thanks!

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  2. Jose R.

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    Mar 14, 2019
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    Miami, FL
    The biggest issue with this spot to me is the porch light that you need to frame out of the shot. The problem with this is that you won't be able to mount the cam on the ceiling as it places the light right in your view at that point. If you can wall-mount this camera at your proposed location a touch lower than where it is now on the test rig, I think it could work. I'd likely use landscape on both for best porch and outside patio coverage. And of course, they need to be turned and oriented to get the wall out of the frame as well. Maybe leave a tiny bit of that inside window to verify it's secure but get most of it out. More pixels in the field.