Fireworks and A Petty Theft


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Sep 14, 2015
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Not long after the 49er's won their championship game in Santa Clara last night, some fireworks could be heard going off. This is what the fireworks looked and sounded like from our back deck. You can hear the explosions setting off some car alarms.

Our next door neighbor put out a traffic cone in front of some tree trimmings to warn drivers coming up the hill. Last night someone stopped and grabbed the cone and drove off. It was kind of funny because you can hear the guy struggling to squeeze thru the window to grab the cone. A woman in the car can be heard laughing at the guy. I only got a partial license plate as they sped off quickly. The plate looked like it might read 5, something, something, P210. When the same vehicle drove back down the hill 7 minutes later I got the full license plate.