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Firmware updates on Nellys Branded cameras


Does anybody know if a "Branded" NVR or IP camera that Nelly put all your logo's on.... how do you upgrade the firmware?

If you put USA firmware on there, will it remove all the logos? Will it brick it? Unfortunally Nellys doesn't have any firmware listed on their 16 channel H series NVR. Not sure how to upgrade, don't want to lose branding.


IPCT Vendor
Hey @broz, whats the exact model you need a firmware upgrade for? The firmwares on Hikvisions USA site won't work since they are the Hik branded firmwares. It should keep your logo but if it doesn't feel free to shoot me a PM or contact us through our website.

Sean Nelson

Pulling my weight
if it has your logo on it, this would mean the USA firmwares would not work. Which NVR is it, I will make sure it gets put on the site