Floureon K9604-W bad flash


Feb 12, 2020
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Sorry for double-posting, but figured I'd toss in an update. I noticed my error at the MMZ area showed a memory overlap. Kernel was allocating 145MB from start to end, which the MMZ began allocation at 140MB from the beginning of the kernel allocation. So I glanced back through and noticed my bootargs were different, indeed mine were mem=145 and ramdisk=8100, whereas yours matched. So I edited my bootargs to match yours and redid the process, viola. It booted with a 4 camera screen.

However: All the text is in chinese (not too terrible of a problem, just an inconvenience)... the issue, however is... I cannot login. It's all default (which is supposed to be admin/blank) yet it says wrong username/password. There seems to be no telnet daemon, or at least it isn't started so I can't telnet in. I cannot send commands via serial as it's still just receiving what's going on from the box (I was able to when it wasn't booting correctly).

Any idea how I can maybe mount the system without booting it and change the language/password via uboot?

EDIT: I MANAGED TO GET IN. I took the update file for 2.7.13 (dated the same as OPs original) renamed it to help.rom, and increased ramdisk to 8200. It booted in chinese, but I noticed on the serial connection that my old SSID flew by. Tried my old original login password and it accepted it. Managed to get it into english and through setup and seems to be working as normal again! Just finished readding my cameras to it.
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