Forum newbie, interested in IP camera streaming for Martial Arts competitions

Nov 3, 2019
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Hi All
I'm interested in using IP cameras to stream onto the web (e.g. YouTube). I found this forum during research and it looked like a good resource. If I'm barking up the wrong tree then please let me know.
I'm not that experienced with cameras and video stuff but I have a history in working in IT and have setup a number of cameras before. What I'm looking for is a reasonable cost way of live streaming martial arts events. My daughter is now quite good and we have been to several events which have been live streamed. The setup in these events is that you have a number of mats (in large competitions 10 mats) and people compete simultaneously.The problem I find is that there is only one camera and inevitably when my daughter is competing the camera is looking at another mat. I have started looking into the possibility of having dedicated cameras per mat, as each mat has its own plasma screen showing the score and a laptop for managing the competitors and scores. I was wondering if IP cameras are good enough to stream and then if they can be posted to YouTube (or some other platform)? Like most grass roots sports there is very little money in this so I'm trying to find a way to do this cheaply, probably at our local club level initially (so max of 4 mats). Is there any advice anyone can give in terms of the cost of a camera decent enough to use to stream? If you want to look at the streaming of the event I went to then it is here