Foscam FI9805W Firmware Update - Mar 18, 2014


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Mar 9, 2014
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New York
Foscam released new firmware for the FI9805W today, March 18, 2014.

New features:

  1. Supports hidden SSIDs;
  2. Supports uploading scheduled recordings onto FTP server (without audio);
  3. Supports ability to revise sub-stream video settings;
  4. Supports scheduled recording on sub-stream;
  5. Supports turning on/off the IR LEDs according to schedule;
  6. Supports configuring dwell time at each preset when cruising;
  7. Supports PC beep upon motion detection;
  8. Prompts to revise the default login credentials on first login;
  9. Indicates password security level when changing/setting the camera password.


  1. Enhanced camera security when using the CGI snapshot feature;
  2. Enhanced SD card storage features;
  3. Enhanced ONVIF compatibility features;
  4. Fixed bug where snapshots were incomplete when resolution set to 960P;
  5. Fixed bug where no PC beep when alarm triggered if accessed via IE8 on Windows XP;
  6. Improved the Web UI.

The procedure for upgrading to the latest version is as follows (Warning: FI9805W Only)

  1. Firstly determine which firmware version currently exists on your FI9805W by checking under Settings > Device Status. You are looking for the "App Firmware Version"
  2. If you have App Firmware Version proceed to download and install the latest version here.
  3. If you have App Firmware Version, first upgrade to here and then to the latest version here.
  4. If you have App Firmware Version, first upgrade to here, then to here and then finally to the latest version here.
  5. Please follow carefully the instructions contained in "Upgrade Guidance for FI9805W.pdf" included in each download. Failure to install the firmware correctly could result in bricking your camera. If you are unsure on how to proceed, please stop immediately and contact us. Please note that this firmware update is for the FI9805W only. If you are not sure which camera you have, stop immediately and post on the forum.


May 9, 2016
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A friend of mine has Foscam 9805 w. He use it more than a year. His cam has system firmware version and Aplication Firmware version
The older firmware i can found for camera FI9805W, in download page is: "If it is, please use the FI9805W_1.14.1.18-20130730--for version package; (As you have write also)
If it is, or, please use the FI9805W_1.14.1.18-20130730--for package.

Where i can found the correct next version to update this cam?

Thank you!