Funny remote desktop sound issue


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Dec 21, 2017
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So, I'm taking the day off (sort of) and doing some camera work including mounting a new PoE switch in the garage and hanging a new camera. Of course the day I picked started out as the coldest morning of the year so far. :angry:

Anyway, I was upstairs in my office connected via remote desktop to my BI computer in the basement. Eventually I went down into the basement to disconnect the existing PoE line that eventually will be the uplink cable to the new switch. While down there I heard noises and wondered if an animal or bird had somehow gotten into the basement.

Paying attention, I found that the sound from my remote desktop session, including exterior sounds picked up by my cams and played through BI, was being routed through a speaker in the computer I use for BI. I didn't know the computer has a speaker; it's an eBay business machine. And have no idea why sound for the remote session is being played through its internal speaker. Very, very strange and pretty funny. Also concerning from a security perspective in some ways... what happens via a remote session shouldn't be obvious to someone sitting near the computer.

Never a dull moment. The job is somewhat cursed: I started with cold weather, then found my drill bits used for this kind of work are nowhere to be found (everything moved in a basement flood a year ago), and I had to spend some time on the phone with my corporate credit card company because somebody hacked my number and has been buying things with my corporate card. Sigh...