Gate access information overlaid on top of video?

Nov 3, 2019
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Asked this in the Security forum, but perhaps that wasn't the right place. Mods - forgive the cross-post please.

At our nonprofit, we use a Door King Systems entry system that uses prox cards for access. In the controller, the cardholders name and ID number are programmed.

I believe the DKS equipment can output data about who entered, but I'm curious if anyone has ever set something up where the information of who "badged in" to something like a gate is overlaid on the video for the camera covering said gate.

Somewhat like you see cash registers tied to cameras showing transaction details on screen.

Anyone ever done anything like this? Camera in question is an Axis P1344 type outdoor camera.


Thanks for any help!



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Jul 15, 2014
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I think you may have to find out from DKS if some sort of easily-parsed ASCII text is available for your use from either the access controller or the proximity card reader. That could be your biggest challenge and would be my first step as it could determine where you go from here.

If you can get a text string that is formatted to be legible for human consumption written to a file on a PC, then Blue Iris software on that PC can be configured with a macro to fetch that text and overlay it on an IP camera's video; your Axis IP cam would have to be on the same LAN as the BI (Blue Iris) server and a cam set up in BI and configured for the Axis and the macro.

If that sounds complicated and expensive, I've seen overlay devices for analog cams costing $1,200 so $58 for Blue Iris software and $200 for a BI-suitable rebuilt PC is a good deal, IMO.

There may be a simpler, more turnkey approach but I'm just brain-storming 70, it's more like a gentle breeze than a "storm". :winktongue: