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Get a free system with a catch.....

Sean Nelson

Pulling my weight
We are looking to give away one of our most popular systems:
Complete 8 Channel 1080P HD-TVI Dome Surveillance System w/ 1TB Hard Drive - Nelly's Security

In exchange we are asking for short video clips in some (or all) of your cameras that we can put on a promo video that we are making for this system.

We will be choosing one person to do this for us. We need this done fairly quickly. If interested, copy and paste the questions below (along with your answers) and PM them to me. If we get enough entries, we hopefully will make our decision by Friday:

#1) Have you ever worked with video surveillance equipment before? If so, what brands?
#2) After you receive the system, how soon can you get the entire system installed? We need this done very quickly so please be as precise as you can on this question.
#3) Please send a picture (from the cameras perspective) with your cell phone of each proposed location. No need to break your neck doing this, just do as best you can.
#4) Are you ok with sending us short 10 second video clips of each camera location so that we may use it on a video promo? Please note, we will not be advertising any personal information about yourself or the location of your property at all. We just need video clips.
#5) are you a former nelly's customer? If so, please state your name.

Please PM me with that info if interested. Thanks and looking forward to it!!!