Jan 5, 2019
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South Dakota, USA
Hello, From Sioux Falls, SD

I have been reading through this forum for a while now, the wiki, threads etc... I am so glad I found this site. I live in a pretty nice area of town, but like many places there are kids who like to take stuff lying around and people who like to break in to cars. I do not believe we have had any home break ins (We have a neighborhood FB page and if someone has an incident, we all try to help)

I decided to get some cameras after my very expensive snap on cover for our Crownline was stolen. Had been out late the night before, so just left it in the driveway so we could head right out in the morning. Well, work up and the cover was gone. I assume it was some kids, just being jerks and probably tossed it somewhere later.

Anyway, just hoping to deter something like that from happening again, or help identify someone or help out neighbors that may have had any troubles.

I have already contacted Andy, and he was wonderful at answering my questions. I purchased one Dahua HDW5831, mainly to see if I would like to have several of these, or a mix with the 2MP starlites that have great reviews. Due to the nature of my work, I have a lot of computer hardware lying around. I have blue iris set up and am running on a i7-9700k, SSD main drive, Raid 1 disks, 16GB ram. I know many people ask about how well different hardware works with Blue Iris, so I will be happy to give some information on my results.

I hope to continue to learn more about cameras moving forward, there is certainly a lot I need to learn!