Help -iDMSS Plus app not display cameras on other outside wifi connections..says "Failed to connect"


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Apr 30, 2019
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Hi guys,

So far my 4-5 months with Andy's Dahua NVR + POE Camera system for my house has been amazing. Crystal clear and high definition. Never before have I seen such CCTV camera have this quality. Kudos to Dahua and Andy :D. I am also using the iDMSS pro ios app P2P to view my cameras from different places via cellar data and wifi. However, I am encountering a issue.

The issue: so basically I cannot seem to view my house cameras in any places besides being in my own home and using it's wifi... if I go to other places and use other peoples wifi, I cannot seem to view the cameras using the IDMSS Pro ios app. It is saying "Failed to connect" (screenshot attached below) for each camera display. I have attached a photo of it here.

TLDR: Cannot view house cameras using the iDMSS Pro app in other places wifi except using own house wifi.

P.S. I notice someone from April 2019 also having the same issue as me and not sure if he managed to fixed the issue since he did not provide any update. Link here: DAHUA gDMSS Plus app not working on wifi

Important notes:

  • NVR setup was easy and pie - just did the setup by following the steps. No manual alterations/modifications. Plug and go.
  • I don't use VPN. However, I have tried using a vpn to see if it would resolve the problem but unfortunately, it did not resolve it.
  • Have updated to the lates IOS and updated the app.
  • Re-do the P2P connection.
  • Erase the iPhones network connection settings.
  • Deleted the app several times
  • Have tried going to other peoples home wifi to try it use their wifi and it still did not allow me to view the cams via app wifi.
Looking forward to your guys and @EMPIRETECANDY feedbacks :D.

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