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Hi, I'm looking to build a 5 camera PC POE system, looking for suggestions

thanks for the quick reply nayr, just wondering whats the picture like at night?
keep in mind its 6mm and LXIR, so its got more IR and Zoom than the one your looking at.
hi nayr, thanks for all these info. means a great deal to me! another question with 6mm, i notice that there are various lens options to choose from. from what i can tell the smaller mm gives wider viewing angle? or have i got the whole concept wrong?


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you should have no problem with a dahua nvr and dahua ipc, however.. as far as I know the only NVR's that support the IVS features completely, out of the box is the -4k series and up.

and that is correct, however the wider the viewing angle the closer someone has to be for an ID.. most 2.8mm cameras loose ID capabilities ~15ft away, and thats not very far.

learn and love: http://ipvm.com/calculator


Glad I read this, I was considering going the blue iris route, but it seems NAYR has me researching the Dahua NVR route instead.
I'm looking for easy maintenance, low electric bill etc .... but i'd like some bells and whistles too..
1.Network Question, i may have 4 of my 8 cams 80 to 100 feet away from the basement poe switch, is it wise to maybe mount a 2nd poe switch say in the garage near those cams and uplink that 2nd poe switch back to the main? or am i within the distance tolerances?
2. is AliExpress reliable as a seller?
3. does anyone recommend a dealer? (I'm in the US)


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PoE and ethernet can reach 300ft, presuming you use good quality solid copper cabling.

AliExpress is not a seller, they are a market full of sellers.
New guy here. Just put together my setup...and to be honest, I'm trying to hit my 5 post quota to send a PM to someone.

Shopping list:
Cameras up high and out of the way - HikVision Turret

Cameras down low and accessible with a chair or by hand - HikVision Dome

Network Video Recorder with built in Power over Ethernet - HikVision 7608 with 8POE slots

HDD for the NVR - Western Digital Purple

Note: I am not a HikVision or WD rep in any way. I just usually buy all the same with the assumption that they will all work together, and they did.

So far, I'm extremely happy with my setup. I still need to tweak all the cameras a bit but I love it. I also love that my router traffic has very little impact from the cameras because it all goes to an NVR directly.

Only downfall so far is the noise of the NVR. I plan to rectify this with another fan. The NVR is already in a temperature controlled room so I don't believe that changing the fan to a lower/quieter CFM will do anything negative. Hope this helps you.