Hicks and stutters on SmartPSS and DMSS


Nov 22, 2022
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Hey guys. I have some questions about Dahua 8 channel NVR and 4x 4MP Ip cameras connected to it.

The bitrate of the cameras are not that high. Around 2050 kb/s with h265. Im using not even half of the entire available bandwith of the nvr.

watching live stream and playback gives me hicks and stutters of the video. In DMSS and SmartPSS. My available outgoing bandwidth on the nvr is 60mb/s and on my router I have 50 mb up available. Plenty of room left.

how come that i have this problems? Either P2P or port forewarding give me these problems. The NVR is only using outgoing data while truned on DMSS right? I have 4 clients connected to the nvr but no one looks at the same time.

Also i find it weird that when i turn on main stream in smartpss. I see data going on like 50.000 kb/s while the bitrate is set to 2050..

is it maybe that? That when i look at playbacks(those are mean stream) they show me in toohigh bitrate?