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HIKVision IP Camera Live View Difference


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I have tried to look at everything I can think of in terms of camera setup. I have four HIKVision IP cameras, all the same model with the exception of focal length, where two are 4mm and two are 2.8mm. The two 4mm camera's display information like date, time, camera name, etc. are huge while the two 4mm are a lot smaller but still legible. I'll post some pictures up from my phone with the Live View on our iPad but the same can be seen on my iPhone...



I would take a look at the OSD Settings for each camera using their built-in web interface. The "OSD Size" should let you change the size of the information being displayed on screen.



Thanks for the feedback @DavidR1, I checked that a while back but the camera's are setup exactly the same, the only difference I can see is Firmware/Encoding/WebPlugin versions. I'll research how to upgrade them and do it when I am back from our overseas trip which we are off on in a few days.