How the PATROL function on Hikvision PTZ works?

Dec 15, 2015
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Hi Friends,

I need help because I am considering getting the DS-2DE7186-AE PTZ by Hikvision, but I want to know how the patrol works?

what I want to do, is tell the camera to keep patrolling 4 points for example, continuously, and stay at each point for like 5 minutes. Is this possible? what level of customization does the software give you? would it give you possibility to set the stay time differently during day hours vs. night hours?

Another question, if some viewer with his iVMS software (PC or iOS) went in and made a certain move (like pan or zoom), by that will he take the camera out of the patroling mission? or will it just continue its next movement at the 5 minutes scheduled time?

I will appreciate help of whoever used a PTZ Hikvision software.