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How to record into a RAM drive?

Jun 23, 2019
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I have a bunch of cameras around the house, I like to review the alerts and footage but don't want any of it saved permanently or written to disk.

Thus I have setup a 12gb RAM drive using lmDisk

I created a bat script that runs on Windows startup to create folders in the RAM drive and delete the Blue Iris database.

My startup bat file for blueiris:
if not exist "R:\blueiris\" mkdir R:\blueiris
if not exist "R:\blueiris\temp" mkdir R:\blueiris\temp
if not exist "R:\blueiris\alerts" mkdir R:\blueiris\alerts
if not exist "R:\blueiris\aux1" mkdir R:\blueiris\aux1
del /S C:\BlueIris\db\* /Q
I set the Blue Iris service to delayed start.

I set Blue Iris "temp", "alerts" and "aux1" to go to the ram drive.

My setup is working nicely, but I'm having to delete the Blue Iris database at each system boot. My question is, is there a better way to do this regarding having to delete the Blue Iris database?

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