iDMSS Plus Push Notifications & Weirdness?


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Apr 13, 2018
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Wellington, New Zealand
So for a while now, I've been trying to track down where this issue lies and I have come to the conclusion that its not my configuration but rather - a bug or the Dahua push notification service.

I have tested various configurations/setups.

In my latest setup - everything has been running well.

IVS enabled with a few cross-region rules. These trigger and I receive the push notification. Clicking on the push notification opens up iDMSS and shows the recorded video.

This works for a few days or weeks sometimes and without changing any options, suddenly clicking on the push notification opens iDMSS and shows no record even though I know its been recorded an event.

Theres been no config changes. The iDMSS is not running in the background so I can only put this down to a bug with the recording or the Dahua push notification service.

So now in my alarm manager, I have some events that will actually play the recorded video and some which just say no record (even though there is a record).

Anyone else see this behaviour?

I also wrote a script to listen to IVS events and push them to an app I wrote using the Azure Notification Hub so I know when they trigger. So far seems consistent but just haven't got around to writing the app further to show the recording.


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Nov 1, 2014
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It's a bug and it was introduced like 2 versions ago. I experienced the same thing and it not that it could not find recording but it could not make the connection to the DVR to playback the recording. If you press to play back from the notification and get no record. Kill the iDMSS and load it again then go to the Alarm manager and select the recording to playback.

I have mentioned it several months ago when that bug surfaced but after 2 released version and that bug is still there so I don't know if anyone at Dahua have discovered it yet.