If you are utterly overwhelmed on where to start with a system...

Sean Nelson

Pulling my weight
Apr 20, 2016
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We often get the question: "How much is a security system?"
As you can imagine, that can be a pretty loaded answer.

We often get statements such as: "I need a system but I dont know where to start"
"Can you quote me a system?"
This is often followed with an extra long back and forth dialog.

Have you ever needed something but have been so overwhelmed with the questions in your mind and the choices that are available that you have just wanted to give up?

Are you in this position right now regarding a surveillance system?

We specifically put together a system just for you, and the best part is that you wont get the typical cheesy equipment and customer no-service that you see sometimes see on Amazon/Best Buy/Sams/Costco/Crazy Eddies Surveillance Store

Check out our ridiculously long product description to put your mind at ease and see why this may strike your fancy:
IP Security Camera System Professional Starter Kit, 4 Cameras w/ Expandability to 8