INSMA wireless IP camera installation help needed!


Sep 10, 2019
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View attachment 32517 View attachment 32518 hi, I just moved into my first apartment and I managed to find a wireless IP camera from a guy on OfferUp. It is an INSMA wireless IP camera and it uses an SD card and it can even be linked to FTP and has a lot of great features. However I need some help setting it up.

I read the instructions but for some reason I my phone can’t connect to the camera. The camera talks and says network connection success but on the app it says it’s offline. I am beginning to regret purchasing this camera because I’ve spent over 2 hours trying to get it to work. I’ve attracted some images. Someone please help!! The app is called NetCam.

Thank you god bless.

Pictures to the camera i have:

589 A707 A 2 E96 4 F51 89 A5 2007 B9350 D83
B5631 C6 D E39 B 41 FD 800 C 13264 B792 A83
I have the same camera, still junk