IP camera service contract


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Mar 15, 2014
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Normally my prime "employer" owns several businesses and I install cameras for him across the state. A local person has contacted me to install 10 cameras in 2 buildings and would like a maintenance or service contract that consists of keeping the cameras running, cleaning them and checking to ensure the hard drive is working and the nvr is functioning.

I estimate it will cost about $2500 or so out of my pocket for the cameras, wire, nvr, switches and all equipment. I originally was going to upcharge my normal fee but have never did a service contract.

Right now I do a retainer which consists of me just assisting with tech support for minor things and downloading video about once a month if that.

Any ideas on prices of contracts? Another local company charges $125 a month for just 2 or 3 cameras. She said she was paying $70 for 4 analog cameras for 5 years and didn't have a problem with it but would like to keep under $100 a month. Without a big payment upfront I cant justify it