Ip cameras losing network connection


May 5, 2022
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Hi, i have over the pas years has problems with my 2 wired reolink cameras. first i had 2x RLC-511 POE Cameras
They are connectet to a synology DSM 218+ with 4gb ram and DSM 7.0
i have a fiber connection 500/500mbit and that works like a charm, speed test says 520/517mbit connection and 1,17ms ping to my host.
My standard fiber router is in bridge mode and then i have a Netgear RAX50 router behind that controls my network.
Then i have a network switch where me and my sons pc, alarm and my home assistant box is connected to and ofc the router that brings the network to that switch.
I have tried connect the cameras to a seperate switch, no change.
The cameras are locked to an ip adress with thier mac adress in my router so they will always have the same adresses and 141 they are never been giving other adresses
and when they disconnect nothing else is having these adresses, so its not a conflict
when they are disconnected i cant go to and connect to them

The problem is, that they are losing network connection.
sometimes both of them within few seconds
sometimes only one of them.
Sometimes they come back right away
sometimes i have to replug network cable and then they come back right away (IS THAT NORMAL ?)

They are not contactable over network, but i can see router is connectet with light, so cable works.
They dont have ip any ip adress anymore and dont show up on a ip scan or in attached devices in router.
They simply loses the ipadress.

after a long fail search mail correspondence with reolink where they trying all the basic stuff, they came up with an offer, that i could get 2 new cameras.
i got 2 new cameras but newer models 2x 2x RLC-511WA. But they were not poe so i had to pull a power cord to them

i was happy and waited 8 days for them to return, finally got them, they were running fine for a couple of days, and then they went down AGAIN !!!
and keeps failing on network on and off. latest this morning 06.33 and after 2 hours they are still down.

I cant figure out what happends, the cams dont have a log function, so cant see anything in the camera.

The fun is, they working with wifi, but the signal is low where the cameras is, so the streams are laggy and ghosting on the recordings, pretty much useless, but they never disconnects..

Can someone help me ? a frustraded ip cam owner.


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Aug 11, 2020
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First step reboot everything in the network infrastructure from router, switch, NVR. Next assign a fixed IP address vs reserved MAC address.

Connect only one camera to the network and monitor. While the single camera is up and running ping it to obtain a base line response time.

Once that is done run a continuous ping for at least two minutes to observe if the latency remains or increases.

If the ping response remains the same (low latency) stop the ping. Login to the camera and keep an active window open. Run a single ping to compare the latency to the first it should be very close in latency.

Follow up with a continuous ping while the video is being streamed and document the latency.


Jan 19, 2022
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Prescott Valley, AZ
Sounds like you have several variables in play (DHCP, etc.) Have you tried hard coding the IP in one of the cameras so you know whatever is serving IPs is not the issue? Just because other devices are getting or holding their IPs does not mean its still not the issue. If the cameras are losing their IPs and the lease time is short, that may or may not be causing the issue. Since both cameras seem to lose connectivity at the same time, I recommend static in one of the two bad cameras so you know when the other loses connection (to see if the static camera holds up).

At the very least, a static IP in one of the cameras will remove the DHCP variable from the equation while doing further troubleshooting.