ISO PTZ to replace Foscam


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Jul 5, 2014
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Hello all,

I am needing to replace my aging Foscam FI8908W. I am looking for a WiFi indoor camera (wife likes to move it to different rooms to watch pets). I need to be able to access the video stream locally to be able to use with my recording software (Sighthound Video). And I use the a Android app to view remotely (IPCamviewer Pro).

I have tried:

Amcrest IP4M-1051B, but WiFi is real spotty with it. Laggy and PTZ functions almost useless. Works great when hardwired.

Ezviz C6CN, but you can't view the stream locally. Well, not without jumping through hoops at least. And I don't want to open up my video to someone in China.

I can find tons of cameras. But they all seem to be P2P anymore. I don't mind spending a little more for a quality camera. But I don't wanna give a arm and a leg for one either. I use Hikvision everywhere for my permanent cameras.

So, here is what I need:

PT camera
Locally accessable video stream

Thanks for any suggestion on advance

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