iSpy features


Nov 15, 2019
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Lenexa, KS, United States
I'm doing some research for the company I work for, looking for alternative surveillance camera software to Blue Iris. As a result, I've been spending a good portion of today researching such software, including iSpy.

Problem is, while many features are listed, I'm having a hard time determining whether some of the features I've been requested to look for are used by iSpy. So rather than continuing to Google it and find scattershot answers that may or may not answer my question, I thought I might just post the 'wish list' here and see if anyone who regularly uses iSpy can tell me if it has what we're looking for.

Several of the things listed below, like Security and User Management, are less 'yes' or 'no' things and more 'How good is this aspect of the product?'. And not really expecting anyone to answer every concern; anything people can offer would be useful.

So, a few things:

- Works with ONVIF cameras
- Runs on Windows
- G Suite - Single-sign-on (this is admittedly a shot in the dark, but would be really nice to have)
- Auto-capture screenshots for triggered events
- Send email alerts
- Mobile app
- Remote computer viewing
- Security
- User management
- Disk management (first-in-first-out overwriting)
- Ability to save/export clips
- Record audio
- Send audio (intercom)
- Runs as a service rather than user (can be automated to start back up if computer reboots)
- Low upfront cost
- Low recurring cost
- Support community

Thanks in advance to anyone who is feeling helpful!