Jan 17, 2019
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[for advanced users]

//intro - i wanted working Storage server and stream server even when computer is rebooted. Before my setup, was needed to login and run ivms client for recording. One thing, that you will be running IVMS sw under localsystem account, means it will be running under user with highest permissions in windows. So be aware, if u dont trust to this sw. It cost me 3 days of configuring and blindless trying until, it is working now. Im not responsible if u destroy your own computer, windows, conf, etc. Take this as idea how it can be made to work solution//

i successfully tried running Storage server, Watchdog and Stream media server as windows service. Optimal settings are for terminal services etc.

nssm tool (3rd party sw for adding services)
command line
windows :)

first, i added SS,Watchdog and SMS as service running under LocalSystem (SYSTEM) account.
then i needed to map localdrive as Localsystem as network drive

As we know, IVMS storage server need some drive letter for saving recordings. If you have same configuration as me (recording into folder), then you need to make symlink to this folder as drive letter. for this you need to make windows service with this command "subst X: C:\recordings" where X is your final letter, which will be used with storage server, and C:\.. is path to where you want to put your recordings.
So i made this with nssm which is doing that command every time computer is booted up.

(Automount service) - not required
opening gui can be done with command line.
in command line you put nssm install automount, Path is cmd.exe, arguments are "/c "subst X: C:\recordings"" /without first and last double quotes. Startup Automatic, Log on as Local System account, unticked Allow service to interact with desktop. Thats all

next step (if u dont need previous automount/symlink service) u will enter "nssm install [name_of_service_you_want]" (for me it is IVMS_SS), then into path you link into NvrStorageServer.exe, startup Automatic, Log on as Local System account and unticked "Allow service to interact with desktop" Otherwise windows will start popup windows with unneeded messages for this purpose.
If u need to use Automount/symlink service, then one more step, you need to put in dependencies name of that automount service. For me it is "Automount". That means, those IVMS_xx services will be waiting until automount service is done. Finally click on Install service. That's all config for one service. Now, you have to repeat this step (this text paragraph) for SMS if u need it, and also for watchdog if u need it too

- Turn of any graphics like Aero and other stuff. Then it will work with lower througpout over Remote Destkop Protocol.
- If it works for you, then u should disable SS and SMS auto-starting in your working account desktop. Otherwise it will causing IP port conflicts. (just pop-up windows, but it's annoying)

Benefit is you can connect to server with more instances (when you are using terminal services) for more live view, and still is recording with only one server.

Well, it is everything what i can remember at the moment. if ther will be some more, then, i'll edit thread and complete it with other stuff. Please if it will works for you, write comment like it's working or anything you would want. :)

P.S. sry, for my grammar mistakes.

// free to copy this anywhere. just write there the source please, thx. //
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