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    To get the most usable video images from your security camera, it is often necessary to replace the supplied lens with one providing more magnification. There are ways to measure and then calculate what lens you need, but the attached charts will allow you to use a simpler method.

    You merely stand near the planned camera position, hold the appropriate chart to your eye, look at the area you want to have appear in the video, and select the lens size in mm. I’ve provided charts for 1/2.5-1/2.7, 1/3, and ¼ inch. How to use instructions are included in the images. (while it may look like some lenses should have FOVs different than these charts show, I think that is because the short lenses are closer to the sensor)

    While there are some minor variations in the actual image area of “same-size” sensors and “same focal length” lenses, these charts can quickly get you in the ball park.

    Note that while most cameras will accept lenses up to 16mm, some 16mm lenses are physically longer. 25mm lenses will generally require bullet cameras that allow you to swap internal spacers. (e.g. The TMEZON bullet cameras I have will allow that.)
    1-3in Lens selector tool.jpg 1-4 inch lens selction tool.jpg 1-2.7 - 1-2.5 inch lens selector tool.jpg
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