"Limit decoding unless required" problem

Nov 3, 2017
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I've sent an email to Ken, but I thought I'd post it here as well should anyone else have problems with "slave camera" email mp4 attachments.

I was really pleased with the new "Limit decoding unless required" option. It really does significantly reduce the CPU load.

However I've discovered a problem.

I'm using FLIR cameras for the motion detection because not only for their night vision, but they almost never give me a "false" trigger.

So, when BI detects motion on the FLIR's, it records not only the FLIR image and emails it, I've also have it record and email visual camera images from other cameras.

These visual cameras do not do any motion detection, but are in groups that are triggered when anyone of the FLIR's have motion.

Using the "Limit decoding unless required" on the non-motion detection visual cameras really lowers the CPU usage.

The problem I've found is that when "Limit decoding unless required" is selected on these non-motion detecting visual cameras, the mp4 video attached to the email from these cameras is only the header (262 bytes) and of course can not be played. This only affects the email attachment and not the clip stored on the BI PC.

As soon as I turn off the "Limit decoding unless required" on these non-motion detecting visual cameras, the email mp4 video attachments start working again.