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Looking for a SKY CAMERA


Getting the hang of it
Since you are one of the few USA shipping vendors on here, I figured I would toss this question your way.
I am looking to replace my slowly dying PTZ camera. (see my review here: Review Sunba Tedh 507-20XC

I am looking for a fixed mount (bullet) that can use POE. I need something that could see clouds in low level light,
if it could see stars would be even better.
I currently use IP Time Lapse software to record an image every 5 seconds to produce time lapse images as well as a still image every 5 minutes. See here along the left side of the page: Melvin Weather

I have seen your : 4K Security Cameras - 4K - IP Cameras By Resolution - Cameras - Nelly's Security
but not sure how well it does in low light.
I would like to stay in the $200-300 dollar range.
This is NOT for security purposes, but for weather and sky imaging.
Do you have some product suggestions for me to look at?


Sean Nelson

Pulling my weight
Hi Bob,

I think you need some specialty super low lux camera to achieve this and Im not sure our cameras would cut it. Not sure if your PTZ did any good in this scenario but if it did then I think our cameras would do good if not better.

There are some super low light "Starlight" cameras that are hitting the market. We do not have any yet but I would go in this direction if so. Uniview has a camera that is "Super Starlight" that is supposed to be amazing in low light. We are testing one ourselves. Not sure if anyone in the USA sells it yet or not. You may try Hikvisions darkfighter cameras as well.




Getting the hang of it
I finally went with a
IPC-HFW8232E-Z Settings help

While I had some issues with settings, I now have what I am very happy with. It can see clouds at night I have trouble making out with my naked eye. It can see stars at night very well.
Still have some trouble with sun flare and moon brightness, but that is to be expected.