Lost connection to BlueIris Android App


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Jul 11, 2014
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So have been setting up DeepstackAI, and ran into a weird issue with it (see this post [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris) where I can't use a user name or password to login to the URL needed for the AITools app.

In any event, I then couldn't log in anymore to my BlueIris app, kept telling me wrong user name and PW, and then at one point said too many logins. Checked the Advanced Tab under webserver, but it didn't seem to have any IP addresses listed in the box. In any event, reduced the time to 2 minutes and tried again, but it just wouldn't work.

So I deleted the server from my phone's app and started from scratch, and now it says "Unable to Connect. Please Try again. Reason: Unable to reach server"?

I can log in via the webgui just fine with the same user name and PW, so not sure what to do next?