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Model recommendations

I have been planning to get IP cameras for our house for quite a while but now I thought it's time to get to it. I've seen that the Hikvision cameras are quite popular and they seem like good value for the money.

I first zoomed in on the DS-2CD2442FWD-IW cube as I think it looks quite good for indoor use. But now I see Hikvision has released "EasyIP 3.0" which I gather is a newer line of cameras. Though I don't see the cube modell being part of this line. Is the slightly older cube model a good choice anyway?

I've also read posts that some of the EasyIP 3.0 cameras don't have that good quality what comes to night vision even if the MP is higher. I don't know if this is true or not.

So now I'm a bit confused about which model to choose and if I should go with Hikvision at all. It would be nice to have decent picture quality both daytime and nighttime if possible. Appreciate any advice I could get on this as I'm a total newbie what comes to IP cameras. :)


Pulling my weight
No.... both are about the same, but I say dahua just beats hikvision with there starlight range and better gui.