Motion detection seems hit or miss, looking for some advice


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Jul 27, 2020
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I have the IPC-t5442t and the camera itself is quite good. It is my first camera, so my issue can be user error/configuration issue or a misunderstanding.

My setup is to record 24/7 from the substream and then on motion BI snaps an image and the AI add-on tells BI to record the HD feed. The AI software appears to be doing its job, I look through the images and they are properly identified when they exist.

For this reason, the issue seems to fall back to BI as it never creates the expected image. An example of the issue is someone comes to the door, there is no record of the approach, but I have a recording of them walking away. Another is a recording of a car pulling in to the driveway, coming home, but there is no recording from the car leaving 30 minutes prior. So, for this reason I am ruling out the AI software for now and want to focus on BI and the camera.

Looking in the camera settings, there are AI settings, but my assumption is that those are for if I am using and SD card or a Dahua NVR, but this is a guess. I just do not believe the camera triggers anything in BI.

This leaves BI and makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong or am missing configurations. I changed the setting about the pixels moved and the sensitivity, but this did not seem to make much difference, therefore, before I go any further, I felt it was time to ask the community.


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Aug 8, 2018
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Spring, Texas
Not sure what you mean by 'AI software'.

You can see how BI is identifying motion by using the 'Test fun video through motion detector' option in a clip.