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Motorcycle "Dash Cam"


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Does anyone ride and have a "dash cam" that they use and like? I'm not talking about a GoPro mounted to a helmet or anything. That's an option I'm considering, but really I'm looking for a camera that can be hardwired into the bikes electronics to turn on/off with the bike and loop record the video in which case the only time I'd need to mess with it would be to pull the SD card for the footage. I like the idea of a helmet mounted camera, but I'm not sure I want to deal with keeping it charged every day.

I recently purchased a 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650 and am looking for a dash cam for it. Just recently started looking into options but wanted to check in with everyone here.

It seems like some initial differences/obstacles that make this product different from a car's dash camera would be heat, water proofness and theft.

I'll update this thread with what I find out as I go. Hopefully others have some thoughts to chime in with.
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In addition to issues you've already described about a dash cam setup, I think another reason why most people use helmet cams rather than dash cams for motorcycles is that the camera looks where they look. If it's mounted to the bike and you look at something to your left or right then it's going to miss it.


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Check out Motorcycle Camera | Motorcycle Traffic Camera | INNOVV

I have one of their first products the C3, quite happy with it. Their new products seem to be getting better all the time.
These seem pretty cool and it's nice to have your first hand experience with it. It looks like they're coming out with a new dual camera model in July. That's temping but at $328 I'm not so sure. Probably a good value for 2 cameras with a DVR and wifi though. But toss in a decently sized SD card and your nearing $400.


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I just purchased the INNOVV C5 and a 128gb samsung Evo SD card ($228 + $37). Looks like it should be pretty sweet. I'll post some video once I get it installed.


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Got the camera installed. Looks pretty out of the way and I was able to hide the wiring pretty well. I chose to put the camera behind the windshield for extra protection. With the shortest cable (6ft) I had no problem getting to the area under the seat where the DVR is. The app seems to be working pretty well too.



The DVR gets power/ground from the battery but theres also a 12v power cable (yellow) for the 10 second delayed power on and off function when the bike is turned on and off. I got power for this wire from the horn.



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The camera vibrates too much. It gets worse as the RPM's increase.

The sound is coming from the DVR which is under the seat. It's not securely moumted so the noise is it vibrating against a piece of plastic it's sitting on. That'll be fixed tonight.


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The quality is better on the raw file, YouTube knocked it down a bit. This screen shot is just the video paused on my phone.

I connected to the DVR's WiFi and pretty easily downloaded a couple of the one minute clips to my phone. I think it took like 15 seconds or so for each clip to download?

I will say sometimes the app won't open. It works every time when I'm connected to the DVR's WiFi, but it's hit or miss when I'm not connected to it. Luckily it saved the file to my phone and I could open it with my normal video player.


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I have the same problem with vibration as well David. My camera is a GoPro with a purpose built bracket attached behind the indicator mounts front and rear. It has vibration in the footage but I still use it as like you state a still frame will grab a number plate and of course any issue can be replayed. It’s not like we need to share quality footage to everyone but rather just record an event.

I haven’t seen a perfect solution on a bike because the vibration is just too much. Mates have also tried and found the same issues. A camera mounted to a helmet removes the vibration but I’m not a real fan of that solution. If you sort it out though please post up as I would be interested to hear.