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mouse scrolling in BI Mobile


Young grasshopper
Using BI mobile for android in a usb stick computer to drive a monitor. I control the stick computer
using a laptop type ball mouse and my problem is that I cannot scroll through individual cameras or
the multiple Groups I have. This has prevented me from selecting the Group I want. Have tried dragging
with both left and right buttons held down but no help.

Any help appreciated.


Staff member
I haven't tried the BI Android app with a mouse... does the mouse wheel work (if your mouse has one)?

Many developers don't even bother to test with rare input devices like that because almost everyone has a touchscreen only, and almost all the exceptions to that rule just work straight out of the box anyway.


Young grasshopper
This is one of the little stick android units so no display or touchscreen. Yes the scroll wheel will move between the three
camera options and a Group option that all appear when BI opens but I cannot find a way to scroll down to more Groups
and Camera Views.