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Need a Hikvision Complete System


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Feb 26, 2018
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Hi all,

I've been using a Q-see DVR/Cameras system for years but I don't know about IP cameras. Recently I purchased two Annke Cube (Rebranded Hikvision cube) and have them upgraded with Hikvision firmware. I'm impressed with the Hikvision cameras' software: GUI, Options, User Friendliness, Setting...

I have read threads regarding Dahua and sent a request to Andy (EmpireTeCandy) for recommendation of a system as well. I don't know about Dahua cameras or NVR but heard great things about them.

I plan to have a new security system in the Spring, and I think my next system which I'm replacing my existing analog one will be an IP system either Hikvision for Dahua. I will need a NVR with 16-channel PoE that can record up to 4k resolution and about 10 cameras with capability of 2MB or up (my current analog security system uses 4MB analog Q-see cameras).

I'm seeking for your wisdom on a decent Hikvision system with NVR and cameras. Please advise!