Need help Hardwiring arlo pro 2 without a plug

Oct 26, 2019
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Hello all, I’m brand new here and I’m in a last second panicked scramble.
I’m currently in the middle of a big exterior project on my home, all new foam board sheathing and siding and I’m already finished half of the job before I realized I didn’t do enough thinking. It’s a single wide mobile home. I’m adding motion sensor spotlights on both gables and 2 more spotlights on opposite corners. The left over two corners will have doors and sconces. My late plan is to have an arlo camera mounted above each spotlight hardwired. I do NOT want to pay 12 bucks per camera for 24/7 recording so I am ok with hardwiring only to maintain battery and not having to take them down to recharge, OR hardwiring without batteries but not having the luxury of 24/7. My original plan was to have each spotlight on a 3 position switch so I can have it on motion sensor or bypass the sensor to turn them on manually. Which means, fortunately, I ran 3 wire to each mounting block. I decided I would rather give up the manual override luxury than to climb a latter 4 times looking like an idiot to charge my batteries. Unfortunately using the 3rd wire to install an outlet in each box is not an option because I can’t have the outlet exposed to weather on the outside of the block and I can’t access the outlet on the inside of the mounting block should the ac adapter fail or any futures changes to hardware be made. So here I am with 3 wire at each mounting block and I have to figure out how to utilize the 14 gauge wire to power up my cameras. I need some real tech savvy help please. The best thing I can think of is installing a hardwired adapter at the switch box to run low voltage through my 14 wire then splicing the 14 wire into an arlo usb cable with waterproof boot at each block for the camera. Whatever I do I want it to be somewhat reversible for versatility and resale purposes. I’m out of my comfort zone with the low voltage. What do I need to do? Can I use one standard arlo adapter for multiple cameras? Can I buy an aftermarket transformer? I would like to power up the whole run of 14 gauge to the correct voltage for the cameras rather than getting an adapter in each box. By doing so it makes any future changes to the next homeowner easier, they could easily install the originally intended 3 position switch and not have to worry about junk in the mounting blocks. There will be two different switch boxes and each box will power 2 mounting blocks (front and rear of home). I’ve been searching and searching for answers, I’m definitely salty I didn’t figure all of this out before hand because I would have ran Ethernet and invested in some real cameras with blue iris. But here I am. Please help