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Dec 19, 2021
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Been using BI for about 3 years. My own system has 13 cameras. Have implemented and do manage BI for 3 other friends and family so I have the luxury of comparing systems when issues happen. Purchased many cameras under the recommendation of good folks on this site. About 6 months ago found it necessary to put together an elaborate Excel file with camera & BI settings for everything to make it easier to add new ones or diagnose issues that may come up later. Unfortunately, with recent BI updates need to redo most of this work due to settings being moved and, in some cases, completely renamed.
Everything had been running smoothly until a month ago after going from Deepstack to Code Project AI DS at some point just stopped working so made the jump to CP since it appears to be the only supported AI option now. I’m not using default object detection, only ipcam-animal, ipcam-dark, and ipcam-general. My rig is dedicated to surveillance, i7-13700K, no video card, has plenty of horsepower leftover. Using and nothing else, no face detection or license plate stuff.

2 out of 6 IPC-Color4K-X-#.#MM cameras are triggering alerts in BI with External source and no AI label attached despite only using motion zone A as trigger sources, external checkbox is unchecked. Zone A is nothing more than the whole field of view minus areas that have been excluded. All actions on alerts do not use any additional sources like external. Get ONVIF trigger events is not checked. All settings within the cameras itself related to triggering from anything are disabled. To confirm = person,dog,car
Doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it becomes frequent at certain times of the day. How am I getting alerts from external sources based on what I’ve described?

Randomly get alerts from my parked truck in the driveway that’s been there for hours or days. Tried static object analysis which I thought was working for months but not so much now. The documentation on this is lacking IMO so if there is a better write-up on how to set this up, please let me know. No idea what I’m doing apparently.

More of a question than a problem although could be a problem. With the latest BI updates, I’ve noticed when analyzing with motion detection the area that has been excluded within a zone is not shown during playback. However, when analyzing with AI the area is not blocked out. Didn’t used to be this way. Well, it was years ago, then wasn’t, now is again. Anyway, what’s the deal with this? I have the zone selected within AI confirmation so it shouldn’t be including anything in the zone that’s been blacked out…. Yes?

Thank you for your time.
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