Networked cameras back to LNR 6108 NVR


Jan 2, 2019
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It looks like my Lorex LNR 6108 can only support one networked camera and 8 cameras via direct connection. This limits me to the maximum Ethernet spec of 100m for the connected cameras. Does anyone know if I can insert a network device in between the camera and one of the POE ports on the NVR in order to exceed this limit? If it is possible, I was thinking about adding a VLAN to my existing switch and divide the camera traffic away from my general network. Is it safe to assume that the POE function is auto sensing and won't destroy my switch? If this sounds feasible, how many cameras do you think I could run over one gigabit port using separate VLANs? If this works, I'm thinking I could have as many as 3 cameras in 2 remote buildings that are about 150m (80m between buildings plus about 70m for the camera to the remote building switch) from the NVR which is in the main building. Each remote building has one gigabit link back to a managed switch. Would 3 cameras be too much data to still allow decent internet speed over the same link? Here is a rough overview of the network I'm proposing. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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