"Open in Desktop Frame" slight issue


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Aug 26, 2014
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Cleveland, Ohio
I have a monitor running with a home automation browser window open, and 9 Blue Iris camera feeds from the local BI program that are set as "open in a desktop frame" It's on an i7 2nd gen machine with win10. Dedicated to Blue Iris and a browser display of home automation misc. Always ran fine for quite some time. Frames always come back up after updates and in their place. etc.

But.. A couple of updates ago, I noticed once a new update installs, all the frame are there in place as always as placeholders, but are empty with no video. I have to close each manually and reopen them each time. Also if I log out of the account that is running, when I go back, the same issue.

Anyone else notice this? Maybe a new setting I've missed? Not a big thing of course. But maybe tedious to close them all and re-open them in a desktop frame at times haha.

Probably something most people don't do I suppose. But, I find it useful.

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