Options to power IP4M-1051


Jul 16, 2020
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The other day I ordered an IP4M-1051B for my garage from Amazon on impulse (price/features). I have a similar unit for the basement from a few years ago. Have been happy with it, but forgot that it isn’t POE. The one in the basement is located near an outlet, so it wasn’t an issue to get power. I also ordered a POE switch for the garage to power an older Dahua out back (currently has a dedicated injector) and the new one.

The plan is to install the new camera in the middle of the garage ceiling (drywall), and keep the install as clean as possible. Was going to put an old work box in the drywall near the camera with a keystone plate/Ethernet jack, then run an ~8” patch cable to the camera.
Realizing the new camera requires a separate power input, I could add a wiremold box (open back) to the junction box, attempt to stuff a POE splitter inside the space, then use a short piece of conduit to run both power and Ethernet to the camera… Not be best solution, it leaves the wires hanging out of the raw end of the wiremold conduit before they reach the camera. The wire coming out of the splitter is short, so there may not be enough for that option.

The Amcrest splitter has pretty mixed reviews, and isn’t UL approved for some reason.

Would be great if there was a keystone jack to pass power, and a cable that would go from that to the power input on the camera.

Just wondering what everyone else would do in this case. Thanks for any input.