Overseas Oders to Europe Union


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Nov 8, 2016
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Hey guys From EU,

In July.1st the EU will charge all tax for any import items like to buy locally. Tax start from 0.1 Euros.

3 Changes.
1.No matter where the goods from China,USA or even within Europe, the seller/Buyer have to pay tax. So the selling price will be fully with tax if you buy on any online shops, like aliepxress, ebay, amazon. Right now buy directly from aliexpress you will pay VAT directly to aliexpress directly(Orders below 150 Euros). That means Aliexpress will help EU to charge the tax.
2. Orders exceed 150EUROS, the tax will be paid by the buyer(importer) ONLY.
3. Before the local shipping no tax , but now the aliexpress/ebay/amazon will charge tax too, for example ship from NL to DE, before will be no tax, but right now they will charge the tax for local shipping.

So how we deal with it, we still have the free tax way, but have to buy directly from us for directly payment.
If you can use those VAT for future deduction, can buy from our aliexpress directly.

Here is a link from fedex's explain