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Placement thoughts


So I started some time ago with BI and a couple of Dahua cams and have been pretty happy so far.

I'm just about to add an extra cam to get some front door images. - looking at the IPC-T5442TM-AS in the 3.6 version.

My first question is for the location of the new camera. Does this look ok?
The red circles are existing cams and the green would be the new one.

Untill now I never really thought about fov 90 and turning the cams around, but now I'm thinking I should move my carport camera to get a better angle.
Current location and image
Ikke-navngivet.png IMG_20191007_084609.jpg

So before I pull out the installed cable and move around wouldn't I be correct in perhaps turning it vertical and then perhaps either move it down to the middle (Location A) or move it to the center (Location B)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated :)



Known around here
The 3.6mm 5442 will be perfect for your front yard especially now that they have the Smart IR fixed. Between it and the 2MP Starlights you wont find a better camera in the price range. I would consider another cam at the door for a tight facial ID shot.

That carport cam isnt bad, but 'B" may give a better view and facial ID, a little lower would be good.



Thanks for your feedback, I already put in an order with Andy for the 5442, so looking forward to it. I'll see how it looks for facial id when it's set up. I would prefer not to have an additional cam at the door. - you know WAF factor issues :)

I think I will try and move the carport cam a bit like you also suggest.