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Port Forwarding To Two NVR's

Tony Simmons

Young grasshopper
I posted this to an old thread, but thought it best to start a new one as the original topic is a bit different. Hope that's OK...

I'm having trouble with a port forward. I have two Hikvision NVR's, one on router #1 and one on router #2. The second router is connected by a LAN port, so it should be acting just as a switch.

I've applied Port forwarding rules in the first router to open ports 81, 8001 and 10554 for the 2nd NVR.
(Ports for the 1st NVR are 80, 8000 and 554)

Of the three, Port 81 is now open, but for some reason 8001 and 10554 remain closed.

Here is a screenshot showing the 2nd Hikvision NVR network configuration, now showing a message for the two ports that won't open. Message shows "Inactive (the external port has been used)"

Should the numbers for External port and Port not be the same?



Getting the hang of it
Copying my own response here from your other thread

Firstly Port forwarding isn't the best option, VPN is the preferred solution. Having said that and if you insist, I don't think you should be doing any NAT configuration on the NVR's themselves, the port forwarding should be done on the router. Create 2 rules/services (or multiple rules for the ports required), for each of the NVR's to point to their internal fixed IP addresses. Having different ports configured on the NVR's as you have is good so the router can redirect incoming connections correctly.

Then try something like Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

The tool will help confirm whether your ports are open.

When connecting with your smart phone you need to provide the correct (different) port numbers for each of the connections (NVR1/NVR2) in it's configuration

Tony Simmons

Young grasshopper
Unfortunately, my router is provided through the ISP and is very limited , with no viable VPN function. Open for any suggestions, but for now this is the only way i know to proceed.

Good news is, this morning when I attempted remote viewing through ivms-4500, I got a feed...
The error message is still there on the NVR configuration page, but the ports have to be open.