Pro AI NVR latest new firmware NVR5XXX-I_MultiLang_V4.001.0000000.2.R.200814.bin


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Feb 11, 2020
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The camera need more AI learning. One day will be done.
Actually, the requested feature has nothing to do with the camera and it's AI learning....
All it takes is a simple setting: if I was clearly identified by one of the camera in the backyard, it's ok to disable the IVS push alert from a given group of cams to a given period of time that the user chooses. that's all.
Naturally, to have it work efficiently, the FD attempts frequency should be higher (now, there is no point to keep detecting every second or so but if that feature is introduced, it gives a good intensive to increase the FD attempts).
Such a feature could turn a useless FR to become very useful.

Since I do not expect Dahua to put an effort to add such a simple feature (and sell more AI NVR's by that), I would very much like to get the latest API of the NVR and cams in order to improve what I already have with Python programing.